The Homepage of xtem_TeXMenu Version 8

Authors: Günther Lamprecht, Wolfhard Lotz, Roland Weibezahn


What is xtem_TeXMenu

xtem provides for a simple and comfortable graphical user interface (GUI) to control the following TeX/LaTeX facilities: The following description gives you more detailed information: xtem is written for Unix platforms and has been tested on many systems. It requires Tcl and the appropriate Tk. This version runs with Tcl/Tk (Tcl8.3, Tcl8.2, Tcl8.1 and Tcl8.0).

The configuration has to be done by the local TeX-Administrator by adapting configuration files ("open lists").

xtem is not a TeX system, i.e. you need an additional TeX-package for Unix such as teTeX or another TeX-package, e.g. from TeX Live.

xtem version 8 compared with previous version 7:

Besides adapting xtem to new Tcl versions we have done error corrections and added new features, some of them are: The setting files from older versions of xtem are mostly compatible (mkcommand.vst will be automatically updated), thus switching from the older version (xtem v.7) to the new release will be done easily.

How to get xtem_TeXMenu:

File xtem_texmenu.8.26.tar.gz includes all the xtem material necessary for installation, you can get it from the CTAN servers in directory pub/tex/support/xtem_texmenu under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)

Happy and comfortable TeXing.