The home page of xtem_TeXMenu Version 6

Authors: Günther Lamprecht, Wolfhardt Lotz, Roland Weibezahn

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What is xtem_TeXMenu

xtem provides for a simple and comfortable graphical user interface (GUI) to control the following TeX/LaTeX facilities: The following descriptions (select by choice) give you more detailed information: xtem is written for Unix platforms and has been tested on many systems. It requires Tcl, the appropriate Tk and TclX. This version runs with Tcl/Tk/TclX (Tcl8.0 and Tcl7.6).

There exist more versions of xtem_TeXMenu running with other versions of Tcl/Tk/TclX

The configuration has to be done by the local TeX-Administrator by adapting configuration files ("open lists").

xtem version 6 compared with previous version 5:

Besides adapting xtem to Tcl 8.0 we have done error corrections and added new features: The setting files from older versions of xtem are mostly compatible (mkcommand.vst needs an updating; a new setting file hyphen.vst will be automatically installed), thus switching from the older version to the new release will be done easily.

How to get xtem_TeXMenu:

The file xtem_texmenu.n.nn.tar.gz includes all the xtem material necessary for installation, you can get it from the CTAN servers (in directory /pub/tex/support/xtem_texmenu you will always find the current distribution, i.e. neither beta test versions nor older versions), or directly from us under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL): If you want to subscribe announcements of further versions, send an e-mail to: with (in body):

subscribe xtem announcing your-mail-ddress your-name

Bug reports and suggestions are also welcome at the same address. If you like (or don't like) this program, *please* drop me a line. I would like to hear how the program works (or doesn't work) for you. I won't know what new features to add if I don't get any feedback. Thanks!

There is also a list to discuss suggestions concerning the development of xtem; you can subscribe this list by sending an e-mail to: with (in body):

subscribe xtem-list

Happy and comfortable TeXing.

Dr. Roland Weibezahn
Universität Bremen, IWD
Postfach 330 440, D 28334 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 - 421 - 218 - 3532